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Husain through the eyes of a Painter

Husain through the eyes of a Painter

MF Husain

Ahmedabad Mirror


Photo Courtesy: KD Bhatt

Through the Eyes of a Painter

It has been a year since the maestro
passed away. On MF Hussain’s first
death anniversary today, on display are
works by seven artists in an exhibition
at Marvel Art Gallery. Titled ‘Husain
Through the Eyes of Painters’, the
exhibition is a tribute to the Indian
Picasso by local artists — Bansi Khatri,
Harshil Patel, Preksha Kapadia,
Prithwiraj Mali, Sachin Nimbalkar,
Sajal Sasanka Sarkar and Nipa Modi.
Take a walk with Maqbool Fida Hussain
in the exhibition which opens today, 7 pm,
and continues till June 15, 4 to 7 pm.

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