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Revisiting Childhood through Art

Revisiting Childhood through Art

Ratan Parimoo

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Journalist : After Hrs Correspondent

Revisiting Childhood through Art

Painter Ratan Parimoo’s show in the
city will take you through a journey
of his childhood

After Hrs Correspondent

Marvel Art Gallery has organised an
exhibition on modern Indian art
‘Revisiting 1950s by Ratan Parimoo’
where early works by Parimoo will
be displayed. The show will then travel
to Mumbai from August 22 to 28 and
Vadodara in early 2012. The preview
of the travel show will unveil on August
8 in Ahmedabad.

Parimoo is a modern Indian painter
from Kashmir. At a very early age, he
came to Vadodara to establish himself
as an artist. Besides being an artist,
Parimoo is also a historian who is
currently the director of LD Museum in
Ahmedabad. His early works are a
reflection of his memories of Kashmir.
One can see Dal lake and shikaras,
surrounding mountains and a wide expanse
of water in his works.

His art depicts Habba Kadak mohalla in
Srinagar where he spent his childhood.
Parimoo tells about the tranquillity of the
place that is non-existent today. This area
was once a symbol of a peaceful
neighbourhood and home to Kashmiri
pandits who later fled the

Parimoo’s art also reflects
the life of Indians in
general which he got to
capture during his travels
to several cities across India.
So go and check out
Parimoo’s work… you never
know you may end up
revisiting your own hometown
through Parimoo’s

When & where?
The art exhibition will be
held at Marvel Art Gallery
from August 8 to 12. The
show will then travel to
Mumbai from August 22
to 28 and Vadodara in
early 2012.

Team DRS

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