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On a broad canvas

On a broad canvas

Dhanvi Rasikal Shah

Ahmedabad Times


Journalist : Deepika Sahu

On a broad canvas

Dhanvi Shah

Ahmedabad is all set to witness changes on the art front…

Ahmedabad has seen lots of changes in the recent years. The
landscape now boasts of swanky malls, multiplexes, villas and more.
And interestingly now the city is also witnessing a change in
the world of art.

Yes, we have come a long way. There was a time,
when senior artists used to say, “An art exhibition
in Ahmedabad…. no way. Nobody will appreciate
our work, nobody will buy our work.” Today, it’s a
thing of the past. People are showing an interest in
art, art appreciation and also investing in art. A
quiet revolution is happening on the canvas and
thereby heralding a new beginning. It’s a welcome
change to see so many people turning up at art exhibitions.

There was a time when our gallery used to have a
lock for most part of the day. And only artists used
to come for the shows, Today, it’s a different story.
Thirty successful shows in just three years!
And we never thought of this kind of success and response
when we started our Marvel Art Gallery.
Previously, a lot of people had this notion that art
is expensive, art is only for rich people. Art is only
meant for celebrities. But today, there’s more
awareness. Thanks to technology and global interest
in Indian art, lots of people are showing interest
in art. In Ahmedabad, it’s not only limited to
rich. Now, lots of youngsters are also showing interest
in art and investing in art.

In many ways, this has also opened new windows
for young artists. Now they have a platform to
showcase their work, to spread their wings. Artists
like Harshil Patel, Nipa Modi, Bansi Khatri,
Nabibaksh Mansoori have now carved a niche for
themselves in the world of art and their works have
been widely appreciated in Ahmedabad. Today, senior
artists are also showing interest in holding exhibitions
in Ahmedabad. That’s a very encouraging trend. Noted
artist Shanti Dave is having his show after a long time in

Lots of youngsters are showing interest in art

But Ahmedabad still has a long way to go. There should
be more galleries in the city. Not many people can go to
Mumbai and Delhi for art exhibitions. There should be
more creative space for interactions with artists and art
lovers. And that will open new windows and art will witness
a new high.

We are now planning to introduce new features in
our art gallery where people can come have a power
point presentation of artists and their work. In
the comforts of the gallery, they can just concentrate
on the works of the artists. All information
will be available at the click of a mouse and once
he/she views all work digitally, they can have a feel
of the canvas.We are also training people on correct
ways to hold a canvas.

Today we want to carve a name for Ahmedabad in
the world of art. And going by the renewed interest
in art, it seems possible. It’s time to splash some
more colours on the canvas.

(He’s the director of Marvel Art Gallery)
(As told to Deepika Sahu)


Team DRS

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