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Husain paintings now on EMI, but for youngsters only

Husain paintings now on EMI, but for youngsters only

Chaitya Dhanvi Shah

The Times of India


Journalist : Bella Jaisinghani

Husain Paintings now on EMI, but for youngsters only


MUMBAI : Young art lovers who would love to own a painting by M F Husain
but are daunted by thr lumpsum payment now have an option to indulge their

Ahmedabad-based collector Chaitya Dhanvi Shah has devised an art-on-EMI
schemes for buyers between the ages of 18 and 35.

“We have in our stock thousands of original paintings and prints of famours aritste,
among M F Husain, Raza, Akbar and Vaikuntam, that cost anywhere
from a few thousands to lakhs of rupees,” says the gentleman who is in his
early twenties and together with his father run the Marvel Art Gallery in

Chaitya has devised a scheme that allows the buyer to purchase a painting,
take it home right away and pay the money in 25 installments. “The buyer
must pay the value-added-tax (VAT) on the spot, though. We hand over the
certificate of ownership at the end of the 25 month term but you still get to
enjoy the painiting for those two years,” he says.

The reason this scheme is only open to youth upto 35 years is that Chaitya
wishes to make art accessible to young buyers. “People who are 35-40 years
old can often invest in art outright. They have worked a certain number of
years to have put away some savings,” he says.

Naturally to safeguard its own interests, Marvel Art Gallery requires a buyer to
furnish basic documents like PAN card and salary statement.

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