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Flex Your Net Muscles

Flex Your Net Muscles

Chaitya Dhanvi Shah
Ahmedabad Mirror

Journalist: Janvi Sonaiya

Flex your net muscles

Tame that internet bully… How? Mirror takes tips from those who have
faced internet bullying and handled it like a pro

Let’s troll talk. Congress leader Sharmistha Mukherjee, daughter of
President Pranab Mukherjee, was recently lauded for the way she
handled a pervert who was sending her lewd messages on social
media. Instead of keeping mum or ignoring it, Mukherjee took to the internet
itself to shame the man, and lodged a complaint, too. The politician is among
hundreds or thousands of netizens who are harassed and trolled. While
some choose to remain silent, others adopt the Sharmistha way. Mirror
reached out to Amdavadis for guidelines to help tackle them — gracefully
or well, otherwise!

Being closely involved with art, I keep getting requests and messages from
social media, asking for funds because he was “in need”. I failed to
respond and gradually his request took the form of bullying. He started sending
me constant messages and it became disturbing.

I learned about laws against cyber bullying, and sent him a mail stating I
don’t approve of indecent behaviour. I even wrote about the legal
consequences if he continued. That day onwards, there were no
messages from him.

do not appreciate it media isn’t wise. Instead, take help of
law immediately.

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