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Gujarati entrepreneur Dhanvi’s superior approach to creating serigraph editions makes him the finest serigrapher in India. The Printing Samachar Magazine ranked Dhanvi second among the 100 most progressive printing companies in Gujarat. The Printweek India Magazine has also recognised the master craftsman as the 38th most powerful printer in India.

Painstakingly Diligent

An outstanding end product is produced only with many experts coming together. We are an all-experts team at DRS Editions. In spite of having the best team in place that is extremely attentive to accuracy and detail, Dhanvi meticulously looks after each process undertaken in the studio. This attention to detail in artwork, justice to artist’s works, and quality offering to the client is what makes him the captain of the serigraph industry.

Serigraphsbydhanvi® are produced by Dhanvi Rasiklal Shah: the man, the myth, the legend himself. With more than 30 years of experience in Silk Screen printing, Dhanvi’s love and passion for creating serigraph prints, his dedication to precise detailing and commitment to produce the finest quality of art makes his productions valuable throughout the world.

An Artificer among Artists

The name Serigraphsbydhanvi® is synonymous with Quality, because for DRS Editions, quality always comes before commerce. Dhanvi can compete with any leading serigraph company in the world because his zest for excellence has made DRS Editions India’s leading serigraph studio. For him, the art of serigraphy is just like an artist painting on canvas. In fact, an artist focuses on painting just one artwork. Dhanvi’s focus is to produce 125 editions of the same artwork. So, his focus needs to be hundredfold than that of an artist. His mastery is in balancing 80-90 colours/screens on an average for each of the 125 editions so that each of the edition delivers exactly the same registration, colour, effect and quality.