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Serigraphy is a hand printed process using silk screens (unlike the digitally printed posters which are simply a colour picture of an existing artwork). The term ‘serigraphy’ is derived from the combination of Latin and Greek words seri (silk) and graphein (to draw or write) respectively.

It takes around two to three months for DRS Editions, India’s leading serigraph studio, to produce around 150-200 editions of one single painting. The entire unit does not have any digital equipment and the entire print production depends on our skills (hands) and human intelligence (expertise of subject).

Each of the edition is ensured to be exactly the same replica – be it the 18th edition or 108th edition. Whatever number of edition you buy, you will find each of the DRS Editions to be of unerringly the same registration, colour, effect and quality. Our uncanny precision and meticulous detailing make our Ahmedabad-based company stand out in the crowd of our global competitors.

Find the Right Place, Right Wall
and Right Client for Each Serigraph

DRS Editions produces the “right product” and ensures that it actually delivered to the “right client” for the product to be placed at the “right wall” in the “right place”.

Nurturing Talent
and Asset Building

Not every asset is an art but almost every art is an asset. Our prime interest is to build a strong bench of strong talent and work to develop their strengths to provide you an asset that reflects their fortified social, commercial and cultural aesthetics.

The basic procedure required to carry out a serigraph printing include

1. Selection Process

  • Selection of the artist
  • Selection of the subject
  • Selection of the work
  • Deciding the size of the work
  • Understanding the medium and technique used by the artist
  • Creating the studio-artist license agreement

2. Pre-Production Process

  • Selection of paper (depending on the original work)
  • Calculation of the number of colours to be used
  • Strategic planning for printing
  • Creating separation stencils
  • Preparation of frames and number of screens

3. Production Process

  • Screen Development
  • Printing

Serigraphs made at DRS Editions go through a time consuming process of reproducing the artwork with 60-70 kinds of vibrant colours. The registration of these limited editions are of illustrious consequence along with faultless colour matching with the original artwork. We strive to maintain the quality of the painting so that it faithfully matches the beauty, detail, and magic of the original artwork.

3. Production Process

DRS Editions pulls out all the stops to ensure that the medium used in the original artwork gets retained in its serigraphs. For instance, if an original painting has been made with oil colours, we make sure that the serigraph on paper exudes the exact feeling of oil medium in its printed editions. We also make use of different laborious hand-processes and techniques such as scraps, rollers, brush, etc. in order to replicate each fine art painting, color field over color field, layer upon layer.

No other printing studios in India and very few printing houses in the world make use of such an expensive and lengthy process that results in the richness of the serigraphs produced by us. The magical formula of applying new creative approaches to conventional methods to our serigraphs make us the market leader in printing in India.

Create Awareness about
Genuine and Authentic Editions

Provide transparent and comprehensive information, and make clients aware of the difference between serigraphs and posters, thus protecting from making a bad purchase.

Foster Creative Culture

We bring meaning and a sense of belonging to our workplace through thorough research, understanding each related subject, concepts, techniques tapping into and individual passions and observations in day-to-day world, and establish practices that allow for growth and learning in the process.

Creativity and Commerce Conundrum

By weaving creativity with commerce, DRS Editions contributes in creating a whole new business opportunities for the nation in all sectors including employment, economy, and aesthetics. The creative economy includes varied businesses not just those that are directly associated with arts.