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Different Strokes

Different Strokes

Chaitya Dhanvi Shah, Dhanvi Rasiklal Shah, Amit Ambalal and Bhanu Shah

Different strokes

A popular art gallery recently hosted an interesting abstract art exhibition
which saw a good turnout of city’s art conoisseurs and celebs.

The exhibition drew inspiration from painter Bhanu Shah’s belief that
‘art should spread joy’ and the fact that there is a similarity between music
and rainbow. The exhibition was also an interesting effort to showcase
music on canvas. And the abstract art showcasing music in the paintings
was inspired from Pt Ajay Chakraborty’s music. Bhanu Shah who’s been part of
over 36 solo and group exhibitions donated 25 paintings for charity. Amit Ambalal,
Dhanvi Shah were among those present.

Team DRS

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