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Choose serigraphs to add life to your interiors

Choose serigraphs to add life to your interiors

Chaitya Dhanvi Shah

The Times of India


Journalist : Deepika Sahu

Choose serigraphs to add life to your interiors

Serigraphs are ideal for home decor. All that you need is to understand
the way serigraphs are produced and how valued they are actually.

Serigraphs are created using a manual silk screen-printing process and
depending upon the number of colours in the original painting, 25-45
seperate screens are prepared and the process of printing is repeated.
The idea of serigraphs originates from the fact that an original artwork
is always available in single unit and has an appreciated value. To make
this artwork available to more people at affordable prices, serigraphs are
created with the consent of the artist.

Talking about the wonderful art of producing serigraphs, Chaitya Dhanvi
Shah of Ahmedabad based Marvel Art Gallery (the Marvel Graphic Studio
received an award for “Fine Art Printer of the Year” for three consecutive
years- 2011, 2012 and 2013 from Print Week India Awards.)

“Serigraphs are created with the same passion and efforts that the artist
puts into his or her artwork. Each serigraph is signed and numbered by the
artist to ensure its authenticity and maintain its limited edition value. Moreover,
we issue a certificate of authenticity with every serigraph.At Marvel, only
limied edition serigraphs are created. Hence, when the demand of serigraphs
increases and thr supply of prints available in the market decreases, the value
of serigraphs will appreciate based on the quality of the serigraph and repute
of the artist.The primary concept of the serigraphs revolves around limited
numbers, pencil signature by the artist and auction level quality.Only celebrated
artists have been selected to produce screen prints which, have the finest
quality and can benefit art patrons.”

And you can choose from the serigraphs of great Indian art masters like
Akbar Padamsee, Shanti Dave, Thota Vaikuntum, Haku Shah,K G Subramanyam,
Vrundavan Solanki, Naina Dalal, Amit Ambalal and Ratan Parimoo and
contemporary arrists like Ravindra Salve, Yashwant Shirwadkar and Harshil

Serigraphs preserve and carry forward cultural legacy of reowned artists
and make it accessible to a larger audience. And there’s no better way to
afford art in your home.

Team DRS

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