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Buying art for your home, just log in

Buying art for your home, just log in

Chaitya Dhanvi Shah

The Times of India


Journalist : Deepika Sahu

Buying art for your home, just log in

You need not visit a gallery to buy artworks. All that you have to do is
click and buy it online.

To buy works of celebrated painters work, you don’t have to visit a
gallery. You just can do it at the click of the mouse in the comforts
of your living room. Welcome to the forever expanding world of
virtual art buying…

According to reports, more than two million net-savvy buyers are
now fast taking to on-line and buying a piece of art on leading
online auction sites every 28 hours. Apart from auction sites, the
number of people buying art online has definitely gone up.

So what drives this shift? Chaitya Dhanvi Shah of Ahmedabad based
Marvel art gallery says, “Technology is now all pervasive and people
want to buy from the comfort of homes. Even otherwise also, alot of
people are now looking an internet for buying art. Internet is growing
fast in India and over the years th number of buyinh art online has
increased to a great extent. For this, the galleries also need to present
an authentic picture of themselves so that it gives a feeling of

All leading art galleries in India have now ventured into the field of online
selling and the increased awareness has been a boon for the buyers too.
Ofcourse, here the credibility of the gallery counts alot. Selling the works
of celebrated artists definitely acts as an advantage. And in changing times
and technology, it’s also easy to track consignments and the whole buying
process has become easier too.

Interesting, there are experts who will also guide you how to choose art for
your home, keeping your needs in mind.

Art is all set for painting in virtual world.

Team DRS

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