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Benare Musings

Benare Musings

Dhanvi Rasiklal Shah with Vrundavan Solanki and Manu Parekh

Ahmedabad Times


Photo Courtesy: Mayur Bhatt

Benares musings


The city recently witnessed an art exhibition of Manu
Parekh’s works titled ‘Many folds of Benares’ at a
renowned art gallery. The limited edition serigraphs invited quite a
lot of visitors as well as Amdavadi artists and well-wishers like
Amit Ambalal, Raksha Ambalal, Vrundavan Solanki, Nabibaksh
Mansoori, Anil and Tanuja Relia who walked in for a dekko. The
poetic ghats of Benares in the miniatures made quite a sight as
they took on electric shades of blue, red, green and pink. There
was a harmonious union of the different seasons with the business
of life at the ghats, witnessed by the artist that came in for a lot of

Team DRS

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