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Are you buying art?

Are you buying art?

Chaitya Dhanvi Shah

The Times of India


Journalist : Deepika Sahu

Are you buying art?

If you are investing in art, invest slowly and gradually. It’s not wise to
jump into the process of buying.

If one wants the artworks for decor then the first and foremost thing
is to see what you like and what suits your walls and decor. Because
it is you who will see it everyday and get inspire or be happy with it.
You should love what you buy. If you are looking at art as an investment,
you need to keep certain things in mind.

Chaitya Dhanvi Shah, managing director of Ahmedabad based Marvel Art
Gallery, points out certain basic guidelines for art investment. The thumb
rule is that “Invest slowly and gradually. Do not jump into process of buying.
It is not a competition of who buys what and how much.” And the other points

Never invest everything in one artist. One should have a mix range portfolio
of artists depending on budget.

Start from low cost items and once the confidence and love of art grows
only then buy masters or expensive prints or originals.

One should always have collection of different artists which makes the collection
vibrant and works of different style.

Always ask for authentication certificate – cost doesn’t matter.

Check for the medium used and re-check the life of the work.

Consult a reputed art dealer or art consultant – quality and authenticity
is everything in art investment.

Buy from a reputed art gallery which has experience and promotes
different artists and showcases eminent artists.

Check the proper background ( education, workstyle) of the artist, art dealer
or the gallery. Know the artist well – talk with the curator of the gallery. Once
you are confident only then invest in art.

Select the artist depending on his education, shows held, collection, promoting
gallery. This research will help you in the process of buying.

Quality of the work is everything. Even if the artist is an upcoming one but he/
she’s gifted, then the return will fetch you nice returns in long-term.


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