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Three cities on canvas

Three cities on canvas

Chaitya Dhanvi Shah and Harshil Patel

Ahmedabad Times


Photo Courtesy: Mayur Bhatt

Journalist : Deepika Sahu

Three cities on canvas

Cities have always inspired
creative minds
over the years. In that
sense, capturing the essence of
three cities on canvas is always
special. So when the preview of
NagarNama III happened at a
city gallery, there was much curiosity.
Artist Harshil Patel has
made an attempt to explore
three cities, Jaisalmer,Varanasi
and Florence and the popular
culture of these three visually
magnificent places, viewed
through lens and canvas.

On the occasion, senior
artists like Vrundavan Solanki,
Ratan Parimoo and others were
present. On a mild December
evening, art lovers of the city
were seen discussing about the
threads running among the artworks
depicting life in these
three exciting places.

Contributed by Deepika Sahu

Team DRS

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