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‘Ladies Coupe’ helps hone one’s personae

‘Ladies Coupe’ helps hone one’s personae

Chaitya Dhanvi Shah



Journalist : Tuli Banerjee

‘Ladies Coupe’ helps hone one’s personae

Interactive sessions help women be smart and more confident with a
cosmopolitan outlook

How does anyone gain knowledge? Reading is definitely one way to go
about it. The second best way is to interact with people who already know
a little more than us. As someone rightly said, “Never be in a group where
you are the best. You will stop learning.”

Keeping this maxim in mind, city-based Shanna Sukoon Shah, a graduate
in political science from England, has started ‘Ladies Coupe’ – a platform
where women can broaden their knowledge base, fine tune their conduct
in societal circles and be clued in to the latest on everything.

“Ladies Coupe’ is an interactive eight-session programme where eminent
people like Umang Hutheesing, Suresh Mashruwala, Anuja Choksi and
Chaitya Shah will be among the ones sharing their expertise in domains
ranging from history to fine dining etiquette. The main purpose behind
the concept is to have smarter, more confident women with a cosmopolitan outlook,”
says Shanna.

The one-hour sessions take place at the GLS auditorium every Tuesday
and Thursday afternoon. And, with the warm response that Shanna has
received, she has promised to continue having such interactions. The fee
for the eight-session programme is Rs5,000 and the target audience is
upper class women aged 20 and above.

The unique platform initiated by Shanna is a first of its kind in Ahmedabad,
where women can freely learn and exchange information, thus filling up the
gaps left behind by the educational system. “Each of the topics ranging from
our role in Indian politics, fashion to fine dining gives a direction of thought to
issues and mannerisms that we need to inculcate in our everyday life. With
changes in society and values, it is important for us to have an insight into our
past and future. It is a forum where questions lead to answers, doubts lead
to clarifications and pondering leads to information exchange. The programme
is designed to give finesse and totality to one’s persona,” says Shanna.

The interesting thing about knowledge is that the more we know, the more
we want to know. Knowledge changes our perspective, improves our outlook
and redefines our understanding. And the fact that those first steps towards
totality of one’s persona can happen just over a cup of coffee, can only mean
that interesting conversations will be stirred up in each session.

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