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Culture Curry

Culture Curry

Chaitya Dhanvi Shah, Dhanvi Rasiklal Shah and Jyoti Dhanvi Shah

Ahmedabad Times


Journalist : Ano Patel

Culture Curry

Creativity and art have been associated with the history of the city. And the art
scene in the city is becoming more exciting by the day. Adding to this
excitement was the exhibition of abstract oil paintings by eminent contemporary
abstract painter Bhanu Shah. The exhibition, which was held at an art gallery
in the city, was attended by crème-de la crème of the city like Chaitya Dhanvi Shah,
Amit Ambalal, Vrindavan Solanki and Raksha,Rajvi Kinkhabwala and more.While
art-lovers and connoisseurs of art engrossed in conversation on colours, the
gallery witnessed some wonderful canvas moments. Looks like art is scaling to
new heights in Ahmedabad.

Team DRS

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