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A “click happy” evening

A “click happy” evening

Tarana Patel with Chaitya Dhanvi Shah

Ahmedabad Times


A ‘Click happy’ evening

They say a photograph says much more than a thousand
words. Tarana Patel Chatterjee did exactly this with a
camera in her hand when she visited different countries
across the world.And she came back to her hometown for a
photograhy exhibition titled ‘On the loose’ at a city art gallery.
Leading personalities from the city from different fields like art,
architecture came together to have a dekko. Present on the
occasion were Bhanu Shah, Neelkanti Patekar, Bansi Khatri,
Rajan Vasa, Jitendra Mistry and Mahendra Patel. Many of
them were seen engaged in animated conversations over the
moments, people and experiences captured in the frames.

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