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‘The Fine Art of Fine Arts’ – Shyam Sharma in Conversation with Chaitya Dhanvi Shah (PaperBack)

By Chaitya Dhanvi Shah

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The Fine Art of Fine Arts is a detailed rundown of Padma Shri Shyam Sharma’s (b.1941) more than 60 years of experience, enthusiasm and devotion in Indian art and cultural space. The book captures his thoughts and execution through art, which will be highly useful to the present and future generations in the Indian and global art ecosystem. The book starts by giving an insight into the artist’s personal life, and progresses with his professional and spiritual life. Shri Sharma shares his views on history, religion, race, faith. Further, he shares his idea of aesthetics and beauty, and reality and abstraction. The artist discusses how the thought process in an artwork is the foundation of the work and why the same artwork will be perceived differently in different societies.


The artist alongwith the curator, Chaitya Dhanvi Shah, talks about his inspiration of indigenous process i.e. Mitti (soil) blocks and the brilliant concept of Jyotirgamaya, the subtle element in his works. The book also highlights his process of printmaking and clarifies various beliefs. Lastly, the artist gives advice to the younger lot to consider art as sadhna (meditation) and how Indian folk-art and culture spreads happiness in society. A must book for art lovers, collectors, students, libraries, museums, and cultural enthusiasts. A book for everyone who loves thinking about art, wants to understand how art can change one’s perspective and how a perspective can be changed through art.




Behind The Scenes – The Fine Art of Fine Arts


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Know the Content!
Content – The Fine Art of Fine Arts
Visual Experience
Indian Culture – The Fine Art of Fine Arts
Faith and Race - The Conversation
History – The Fine Art of Fine Arts
Art Form
Spirituality and Art – The Fine Art of Fine Arts
Reality and Abstraction
Beyond Art – The Fine Art of Fine Arts
Sun Temple Konark
The Visual Experience | Indian Art – The Fine Art of Fine Arts
Thought Process
The thought process of an artist is of utmost importance – The Fine Art of Fine Arts
Indian Printmaking
Indian Printmaking – The Fine Art of Fine Arts
What is Indian Art?
What is Indian Art? – The Fine Art of Fine Arts
How to See and Read Art?
How to See and Read Art? – The Fine Art of Fine Arts
Indian Printmaking at it’s best! – The Fine Art of Fine Arts
Padma Shri Shyam Sharma
Padma Shri Shyam Sharma – The Fine Art of Fine Arts


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